Christmas Party Games

Holidays have a way of bringing everyone together to make memories. Sometimes it includes bringing together different family, friends or coworkers that may not know each other very well. A great way to break the ice and allow people to feel more relaxed is by playing games. Some of the best memories come from playing games and laughing together.

Let our florists at The Flower Express in Vancouver, WA help get your space decorated for the perfect Christmas game night. This stunning arrangement will instantly bring Christmas spirit to any room. The The Night Before Christmas Holiday Flower Tree will look festive in any living room, dining room or even at an office party.

A game that tests everyone’s drawing abilities is the Christmas Paper Plate Game. In this game, everyone needs a paper plate and a marker. Party-goers place the paper plate on top of their heads and draw a Christmas scene. The most accurate drawing wins. This game allows everyone to get creative in a fun and challenging way.

Wrapping presents can be a challenge. This game makes it even harder. In the game Three-Armed Race, two contestants tie their arms together and wrap a present. The team that successfully wraps a present, wins. To make it more interesting, have rounds where winning teams compete against each other until the final round.

Our florists at The Flower Express in Vancouver, WA have arrangements that fit any Christmas decorator’s needs. They’ll add holiday spirit to a Christmas game night or a festive office party. Have fun this holiday season, enjoy time with the people you care about and make this holiday season the best one yet.

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